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Monday, September 11, 2017 at 23:10

Latte is a new MacOS-like dock desktop decoration for KDE Plasma. It's first released in 14 January 2017 as v0.5.90. It's now installable for Kubuntu from PPA (and other distros via specific channels). If you're a Kubuntu user and waiting for a decent dock, or if you missed the legendary AWN dock, then Latte is for you. This article will show you some pictures (and GIF) and features of Latte. Enjoy!

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There's a PPA for Kubuntu 17.04 Zesty and 17.10 Artful, thanks to Rik Mills! For another Kubuntu versions, at least you have Plasma >= 5.8, use Ubuntu Vibes' package instead. Thanks to them! At this time, the latest Latte release is v0.7.1.

To install Latte from PPA, perform 3 commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rikmills/latte-dock
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install latte-dock
More info about installable version of Latte availability:

The 'Add/Remove Programs' on Kubuntu is ready to install latte-dock


Here's an GIF showing Latte Dock in action! I take this on my Kubuntu 17.10 "Artful Aardvark" Beta 1 using Peek Recorder.


The bottom panel is Latte Dock in this picture. Some of its main features:

  • Compatible with Plasma Desktop & the widgets
  • Autohide
  • Parabola-like animation while hovering
  • Movable to any of 4-edges of screen
  • Custom layouts (including Unity style), user can save their own
  • Highly configurable & easy to understand
  • Modern look with translucency ala Plasma

Unity Layout

Latte has a Unity layout! This reminds me to MATE 1.18 on Artful MATE. It puts a thin panel on top with a thick vertical panel of left edge of screen. This is potential for you distro developers if you want to make Unity-like interface for your Plasma distro.

The Four Positionings

Latte can be positioned on all four screen edges. And you can have two docks or more on different edges simultaneously.

Adding Plasma Widget!

Yes, you can put any Plasma widget on Latte! This is a new feature you wouldn't had in AWN dock because Latte is developed using the same KDE Framework as Plasma. For example, here's system tray widget I put on my Latte.

The Settings

The configuration window is reachable via right-click > Latte Settings. Many things on Latte you can adjust to your needs:

  • Location
  • Alignment
  • Delay
  • Change & save new layout
  • Enabling tooltip & preview popup
  • ... and many more!

By default, it shows only basic settings. If you enable Advanced Mode toggle on top it shows more settings and plus a hidden "Tweak" tab! Personally, what is amusing and I like about this small window is its translucent appearance. A really kool job by audoban & psifidotos!

About Latte Dock

Latte is a free software by audoban and psifidotos licensed under GNU GPLv2+. The source code is available at GitHub and it is also distributed at KDE Store. Edited April 2019: As now Latte is under KDE Project umbrella, you can donate to Latte Development via KDE Donations  instead (previously via Pledgie, now inactive).