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Friday, September 29, 2017 at 23:47

If you're a Kubuntu 17.10 user and want to test Plasma 5.11 beta including the new Plasma Vault, use Kubuntu Beta Backports PPA. This PPA is provided by Kubuntu Package Archives Team and the packages uploaded by Rik Mils. And yes, don't worry, the version number 5.10.95 is 5.11 beta. This information is first published by Kubuntu Team and is related to KDE Plasma 5.11 release at 14 September 2017 by KDE Team. Big thanks for them all especially Rik Mils! Happy testing!

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Steps to install Plasma:

1) Make sure your Kubuntu is Artful by performing command:
lsb_release -a
It should report the release "17.10" and codename "artful" there.

2) Then add PPA as your source:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta 
sudo apt-get update

3) Then go install the complete desktop:
sudo apt-get -V upgrade
sudo apt-get -V dist-upgrade

Warning: both commands will download huge number of packages (often more than 200MB) including those not related to Plasma, so be careful.

Alternative) If you don't want the upgrade/dist-upgrade command, do this instead:
sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop