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Monday, May 29, 2017 at 23:25

This tutorial explains simply how to setup KMail for Gmail in POP3 setting (downloads copy of emails to desktop). You will first setup POP permission on web Gmail and then setup KMail to grab the mails. I hope this helps anyone new to KDE. For this article, I use KMail version 5.4.1 on Neon OS 5.9.

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a. Setup Gmail Web

You must first enable POP support from inside your web Gmail. Run your browser > login to Gmail > go to Settings > go to POP/IMAP settings > Enable POP (choose "mail that arrives from now on" if you don't want to download all mails) > choose "keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox" so no mails on your web Gmail will be deleted > Save Settings.

b. Start Account Wizard

Open menu Tools > Account Wizard.

1. Enter Email Credentials

First step: enter your Gmail email and password. Make sure the option "Find provider settings on the internet" checked.

2. Select POP & Press "Add Account"

Second step: KMail will give you two choices and choose POP3 account. Then press "Add Account".

3. Disable Encryption

Third step: if you don't want more steps for GPG encryption, uncheck the two options "Secure outgoing emails, if possible" and "Publish this key". Press Next.

4. It Finished

Fourth step: the setup wizard will say that the setup complete.

5. Check Email

Fifth step: on the tool bar, hold Check Mail > select Google Mail (yourmail) > let KMail downloads your mails.

KMail Downloading Emails

Here, the progress where KMail downloads mails from server to desktop. It saves all mails on Local Folders > inbox.