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Friday, May 26, 2017 at 00:13

This tutorial explains how to install Lubuntu 17.04 in step-by-step. You will prepare 2 partitions, one main and (optionally) one swap, for at least 20GB and 1GB respectively. You can use USB flash drive or DVD as the bootable media. Generally, you can use this tutorial for both singleboot and dualboot modes. So let's install and enjoy this lightweight, secure, and free OS Lubuntu 17.04.

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Note: this article is about installing. If you're looking for something else, we have Ubuntu Unity 17.04 review, complete 17.04 family download links, and zsync to cut download cost.


Get Lubuntu 17.04: direct downloads here. To reduce download cost, use zsync.

Prepare 2 partitions: create one blank partition for at least 20GB, and (optionally) another one blank partition for 1GB. The first will be main partition and the second will be swap partition.

Create bootable media: burn the ISO image of Lubuntu into a blank USB drive. You can use software like Unetbootin (available for Windows & GNU/Linux), Disk Utility (preinstalled on Ubuntu), or Multisystem.

Example: I prepared one main partition /dev/sda6 42GB and one swap partition /dev/sda3 2.5GB and I installed the bootloader into their parent disk /dev/sda.

Warning: if you would install Lubuntu in dualboot mode, make backup of your important data.


Insert your USB drive, boot your computer into USB (or DVD, according to your media), and you should see Lubuntu 17.04 screen asking you either "Try Lubuntu" or "Install Lubuntu". Choose "Try Lubuntu" instead.

1. Select Language

First step: choose your language. This choice will be the language of whole Lubuntu interface.

2. Select No Connection

Second step: choose "I don't want to connect...". This choice makes the installation faster.

3. Select No Download

Third step: blank all choices on this page. The installation of third-party programs can be done later.

4. Select Something Else

Fourth step: choose "Something else". This brings you to advanced partitioner, where you have full control to the whole hard disk.

5. Create Main Partition

Fifth step: select the bigger partition you've prepared > click "Change" > see Edit partition dialog > set the Size=<as is>, Use as="Ext4", Format this partition="check on", Mount point="/".

6. Create Swap Partition

Sixth step: choose the smaller partition you've prepared > click "Change" >

7. Determine Bootloader Location

Seventh step: choose the parent disk where your main partition belongs. If your main partition is /dev/sda4, then its parent is /dev/sda. The GRUB bootloader will be installed there.

8. Start Installation

Eighth step: re-check all your choices and make sure they are all correct. Then press "Install Now" to start the actual installation. Once pressed, you cannot go back.

9. Enter User Info

Ninth step: after pressing "Install Now", the installer will ask you about 3 things:

Geolocation: select where you live. This determines your local time/date.

Keyboard: if you use Japanese, Arabic, or Greek keyboard, choose one here. However, the default choice is safe.

Username: determine your own username & password that would be used on Lubuntu later. These are your own login credentials.

10. Wait The Progress

Tenth step: you just need to wait the progress until it finished. The whole installation process is only around 10 minutes.

11. Installation Finished

Once finished, the installer will notice you to restart or to stay on this live session. Click restart and enjoy Lubuntu 17.04!