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Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 23:43

For the purpose of writing any text with Islamic symbols in Arabic, you can do it in LibreOffice Writer using its Unicode support. If you were familiar with Unicode support in Microsoft Word, then this LibreOffice feature is equal. Here you will find examples in writing Islamic symbols such as shall allahu alaihy wa sallam (shalawat), allah (the name of Allah), rasool (the prophet) bismillah ar rahman ar raheem, and some more.
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Basic Unicode Typing

What you will do by typing these Islamic symbols is typing Unicode characters. In Microsoft Word, you did it the same, you were typing Unicode characters. The only difference is how to type them between Writer and Word. I compare them here by example of shalawat symbol (U+FDFA).

In Microsoft Word: 

type the unicode code 'FDFA' -> press Alt+X -> you get the symbol  of shalawat:

In LibreOffice Writer:

press Ctrl+Shift+u -> type the unicode code 'FDFA' -> press Space -> you get the symbol of shalawat:

Thanks to Unicode Standard, we get the same symbols in any different office software.

Appearance in Writer Document

This is how they should look correctly at Writer.

Table of Islamic Symbols in Unicode

Here are some important Islamic symbols in Unicode notations:

Arabic Symbol Latin Unicode Notation
Allah FDF2
ﷲ ﷳ Allahu Akbar FDF2 FDF3

Jalla jalalouhou FDFB

Shalla Allahu wa alaihy wasallam FDFA

Mohammed FDFA

Rasool FDFA

Wa SallamFDFA