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Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 17:37

While you write a document collaboratively with many authors, you would find LibreOffice comment feature are useful. A comment can be added by any author member with their name attached on it, and every author has different color of comment box. Every comment box placed on the right side of document page with a line pointing to its part of text inside the document page. We want to demonstrate briefly how to use it here.

1. Preparation

Before adding any comment, you need to attach your name into LibreOffice. This is because you write a document with many author so you should distinct one comment and others by its author. Open menu Tools > Options > User Data > enter your name at  First/last name/initials: field. If you don’t enter your name, every comment you make will be labeled with Unknown Author.

2. Make A Comment

Place your cursor everywhere in a page > open menu Insert > Comment (Ctrl+Alt+C) > a colored box will be shown on the right side of the page > type your comment there. The comment box is connected to your previous cursor position to point what is being commented (e.g. the changes you made). See picture below.

3. Delete A Comment

There are some ways to delete comment. The first way is by click on a reversed triangle on a comment box > Delete Comment. Optionally, you may put the cursor exactly before the triangle on the page (where the comment pointing) and press Backspace.

4. Delete All Comments by Author’s Name

To delete all comments from a selected author, click on reversed triangle on their comment > Delete Comment by <author_name>. See picture below.

5. Show/Hide All Comments

When the comments begin to crowd the right side of pages, and somehow they start to annoy you, you may hide them all by menu View > Comments. Or, you may click on the Comments section on the horizontal ruler.

6. Result Example


This is an example of a document written by some of my friends and me, in Indonesian language. Every author gives a comment on every part they write. This is just and example, however, your comments result may be different.