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Friday, September 18, 2015 at 01:00

In case of text management in Scribus, you will deal with Align Text Left or Align Text Justified. In almost every magazine, the common alignment is justified. The problem is space left outside text and blank space inside text. To resolve these, Scribus brings you sophisticated feature named Hyphenate Text. Access it from menu Extra > Hyphenate Text. I write this article as addition for our previous tutorial. See examples below.

Align Left


This is the pure Align Text Left effect. No hyphenation. See the right edge of whole text. It looks like "jaggies".

Align Justified


This is a justified same text. It is better than Align Left.



Click a text frame > menu Extras > Hyphenate Text. After that, some of your text will be "cut off" in the edge. It produces more tidy edge, less white space inside, and will save white space outside if you have many text.



If you want to revert it back, just access menu Extra > Dehyphenate Text. It will be justified text only without hyphenation.