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Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 16:56

After we reviewed shortly about Adobe Brackets three years ago, today we have a huge list of Adobe Bracket extensions. We will explain how to install extension in Brackets in Ubuntu. I will show you both online and offline methods. I use Brackets 1.3 and Ubuntu 15.04. You can use this guide on another Ubuntu version.

Online Install

You will need internet connection to do these.

  1. Open Brackets. 
  2. Open Extension Manager via block icon on Brackets top-right corner. See picture above number 1.
  3. Open Available tab. See picture above number 2. 
  4. Find extension you want. For example, you want Brackets Beautify. Click install button. Wait until finish.

Offline Install

  1. Open Brackets. 
  2. Open Extension Manager.
  3. Open your file manager (e.g. Nautilus).
  4. Drag the ZIP file of extension into the Drag .zip here label.

Offline Install (Manually)

Sometimes, you will need an alternative way. To install an extension directly into its directory, extract the ZIP file into /home/<yourname>/.config/Brackets/extensions/user directory. Then restart Brackets. See picture above.

Download Extensions for Adobe Brackets

If you want to download Adobe Brackets extension and save it yourself, go to It is Brackets official extension repository.

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