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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Friday, July 31, 2015 at 16:19

In Google Chrome and Chromium, you can repack your installed extensions and reuse it anywhere. For example, you may install the extension in your other computers (without internet connection) or give it to your friends. Or, save it on USB stick so you can install it on any public computer you can use. It is very useful for offline users so I will tell you how. By using this guide, you will repack your extensions one by one. Every package will have .crx file extension.

1. Open Chrome Extension Settings

Open Menu > Settings > Extensions or just open URL chrome://extensions. Check Developer Mode.

2. Pack Extension

  1. Click Pack Extension button. 
  2. Click Browse at Extension root directory. 
  3. Navigate it into /home/yourname/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions (Google Chrome) /home/yourname/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions (Chromium).
  4. Open one folder. You know, the folder name is not human-friendly such as ajpgkpeckebdhofmmjfgcjjiiejpodla. You will know if you match that folder name with the extension ID of every installed extension. Click Pack Extension button.
  5. Your extension is packaged. Check it in the same directory. It should have .crx extension.
  6. You must pack one by one if you want all extension to be repackaged.

3. Test Install

To proof that the repacked extension is valid, install it again. To install, just drag it on Chrome Extension Settings page. When you see a notification Drop to Install, then drop it. You will find it is exactly the same with online installation.