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Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 23:24

Pinta is an cross-platform image editor inspired by Paint.NET in Windows. It is lighter than GIMP, but more than Shotwell or Gwenview. Pinta is licensed under MIT license. Pinta is a software by Pinta Project (Cameron White and friends). This article will guide you how to install and use Pinta in Ubuntu. I will show you the basic usage only to crop and annotate image. I write this article based on my experiences in writing Linux tutorials.

Pinta In Action

Pinta Basic Usages

You can use Pinta for image editing stuffs below.
  • Painting. 
  • Cropping. 
  • Annotating. 
  • Censoring. 
  • Applying filter effects.
  • And more.

How To Install Pinta

By GUI, you can search pinta in Ubuntu Software Center.

By Terminal, you can use this command. 
sudo apt-get install pinta

Crop Image

  1. Open the image. You can do it by open file manager > right click on the image file > Open With > Pinta. 
  2. Click on Rectangle Select Tool
  3. Select Tool
  4. Now select rectangle area inside the image you want to crop.
  5. Click button Crop to Selection.
  6. Crop
  7. Save the image (Ctrl+S).

Annotate Image

This is the important technique to make the readers understand. I use it frequently.

  1. Open the image. 
  2. Select Rectangle Tool
  3. Select Color. Usually I use Red color. 
  4. Select Brush Width. Usually I use 5 in Ubuntubuzz. 
  5. Drag the tool on your canvas. Make it clear to your reader.
  6. Save the image.