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Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 22:31

Ubuntu has a default CD burning program called Brasero. But for my DVD productions, I changed Brasero for K3B. I found that K3B is faster and more reliable. K3B is same with Brasero, a CD burning program. Now I want to show you how to install K3B and how to burn an ISO image to DVD with K3B. I use external DVD writer to do it.

K3B In Action

How To Install K3B

By GUI, you can search k3b in Ubuntu Software Center.
Install K3B via Ubuntu Software Center
By Terminal, you can use this command.
sudo apt-get install k3b

How To Burn ISO 

  1. Open K3B. 
  2. Open menu > Tools > Burn Image
  3. Burn as Image, not as Data
  4. In the new Window, select your iso by clicking the folder icon. 
  5. Select Your ISO
  6. Select the burn speed. It is better to select lower speed to decrease the burning failure risk.
  7. If all options are OK, click Start button. The burning progress will appear in new window. 
  8. Burning Success
  9. When burning is finished, the window will show Success message. Then check your finished DVD now.