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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 22:40

Do you want CPU-Z in Linux? Then see I-Nex now. I-Nex is system utility tool for Linux. It shows you all your hardware plus you operating system and kernel detailed information. I-Nex is created for Linux with Gambas 3 platform. It is licensed in GNU LGPL version 3. I-Nex is a software by Michal Glowienka. If you want to contribute, visit I-Nex on If you want to translate I-Nex, visit

I-Nex Features

How To Install I-Nex 

Open Terminal and type these 4 commands one by one. If Terminal asks for Enter, then type Enter.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:i-nex-development-team/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install i-nex

Explanation: those commands above will introduce first Gambas 3 PPA repository to Ubuntu, then introduce I-Nex PPA, then reload all repositories including the two added so Ubuntu knows there are new repositories, then finally install I-Nex. I-Nex needs Gambas 3 dependencies because it created by using Gambas 3 library.

How To Use I-Nex (Basic)

At basic usage, it is same with CPU-Z. You just open it from the menu and see what you want to see. You get CPU, GPU, Audio, Memory, Kernel, System (OS) tabs. In every tab, you can see detailed information of each hardware.

Detailed Hardware Information

From picture above, I-Nex at CPU tab, we know that my processor is Intel Celeron B800 800 MHz. My current processor temperature is 65 ยบC. My processor supports 64 bit instructions (indeed, I can run 64 bit Linux). My processor codename is Sandy Bridge. And many more detailed information.

How To Dump Your System Information

To dump (save to plain text) all information from I-Nex, you can use Generate Report feature. You can select one information (CPU, GPU, or else), two, or all. You can also include all information from basic system utility such as lspci just from a single window. The result of this feature is a text file containing all information you want.

Generate Report Button

Dumping To Text File

Dumping all system information is useful especially if you need to collect them into a single file. Or maybe if you need to create a database from them. Somebody ever worked in database dumping will understand it.


I-Nex created for us, Linux user. But further, Michal (the I-Nex developer) created a web service to collect hardware information from Linux users. The web service is named Cerbero. The idea is simple: Linux users install I-Nex -> I-Nex collect the detailed information -> I-Nex sends the information to Cerbero. I have submitted my hardware information to Cerbero. So with Cerbero, further, Linux users will know what hardware or laptop is compatible with Linux.

Validate Button
To submit the information, you can just press Validate button in I-Nex CPU tab when connected to the internet. Then I-Nex will collect all information quickly and send them to Cerberos. You will see a dialog showing an URL. That is your page for your detailed system information. See picture below.

My Cerbero