TuxCut is an application which protects your Linux machine from NetCut users (available for Windows). It hides your computer from local area network so the NetCut users won't see your presence on the network, so that they can't "cut" your Internet connection. TuxCut protection mode simply uses arptables to prevent sending or receiving any arp packets from any other host on the network, only the gateway allowed to do so. Netcut send an arp packet to see if your host live or not, arp tables prevents your host to receive such packet so that netcut can’t see you are connected :D

TuxCut key features:
  • Scan your local network for live hosts and list them with MAC addresses.
  • Protect your linux box from any ARP attacks (like netcut).
  • Change the MAC address for your network adapter.
  • you make arpspoof attack for any host connected in your local network.
The latest version of TuxCut - TuxCut 5.0 - comes with many changes especially in its user interface. The default language is set to Arabic but you can change it to English by selecting the menu like the picture below:

You need to restart TuxCut after changing the interface language. TuxCut 5.0 also has speed limiter feature which enables you to browse the Internet comfortably while downloading. Simply activate "Utilities > Speed Limiter" from menu bar.

On startup, TuxCut will ask you to define network card to protect with TuxCut. You can also change it from the main window.

Install TuxCut 5.0 on Ubuntu
To install TuxCut 5.0 on Ubuntu, you have to download its DEB package which can be found here. Once downloaded, execute the following command to install it:
  • sudo dpkg -i tuxcut_5.0_all.deb
  • sudo apt-get -f install
Once installed, you can run TuxCut from "Accessories" section from application menu.

Good luck!