Deepin Software Center as known as DSC is a killer application of Linux Deepin. It's just like Ubuntu Software Center with some additions such as parallel downloading, resuming download, update notification, cache cleaning, and colorful skins that can be swapped as your mood changes.

Deepin Software Center uses Aria2 engine to perform multi-threaded a.k.a parallel download so we can perform faster download experience (depending on your network connection). Deepin Software Center is an alternative for those who wants another experience of downloading and managing applications on Ubuntu, with additions of 8 pre-installed colorful skins, so you can select one that brightens your day!

Install Deepin Software Center on Ubuntu
Ubuntu users can install Deepin Software Center by executing the following commands:
  • wget
  • sudo dpkg -i deepin-software-center_2.1.2deepin1_all.deb
  • sudo apt-get -f install
Once installed, Deepin Software Center can be accessed via Unity Dash Menu:

Deepin Software Center Overview:

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