Mac OS X users should be familiar with TextMate, a text editor application for Mac OSX. Well, if you think Gedit is an awesome tool, you can turn it into TextMate-like text editor with GMate plugin. Actually, GMate is a collection of themes and plugins for Gedit. Most of themes included in GMate are converted from TextMate itself. So, you can feel Gedit just like TextMate in Mac OS X.

GMate comes with a lot of plugins: Gemini - for completing quotes and brackets -, word completion, smart indent, and more! You can see a full list of included plugins here. GMate also provides a simple syntax highlighting for the following programming language:
  • Basic YAML Syntax Highlight
  • CoffeeScript Syntax Highlight
  • ColdFusion Syntax Highlight
  • Cucumber Syntax Highlight
  • Groovy and gsp Support (Included bundle created by Aaron Eischeid)
  • HAML Syntax Highlight
  • Markdown Syntax Highlight
  • reStructuredText Syntax Highlight
  • rhtml/erb Syntax Highlight
  • Ruby on Rails improvements
  • SASS Syntax Highlight
What about the themes?
Surprisingly, GMate comes with hundreds of themes. As I said before, most of them are converted from TextMate, for example: Active4d, Briliance Black, Cool Glow, Expresso Libre, and more!

Install GMate on Ubuntu
GMate is a plugin, it doesn't replace the existing Gedit installation. Ubuntu users can install it easily by typing the following command:
  • sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install gedit-gmate
Once installed, you might want to check the Gedit plugin dialog to activate your desired plugins because not all plugins activated by default.

For further information about GMate including installation on other Linux distributions, please click here.

Regards :)