Now, I'm sitting for a short course about Android Programming for five days. So, I'd like to share my experience setting up Android SDK with Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin with you. Let's get started.

System requirements:
You need to install Java Development Kit (JDK) to get the stuff work. Simply run the following command to install it:
  • sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk
1. Android SDK for Linux
First thing first, you need to download Android SDK for Linux here. It's around 80MB so it might take a while to download. Once downloaded, run the following commands:
  • sudo cp -r android-sdk_r20.0.1-linux.tgz /opt
  • cd /opt
  • sudo tar xvzf android-sdk_r20.0.1-linux.tgz
  • sudo chmod -R 755 /opt/android-sdk-linux
Then run the SDK Manager to download necessary libraries and APIs:
  • cd /opt/android-sdk-linux/tools
  • sudo ./android sdk

Well, if you want to develop Android application for Android 2.3.3 then you should Android 2.3.3 (API 10). For further information about Android platforms and packages please click here.

2. Eclipse
For developing Android application, Eclipse 3.6 is recommended. You can download it here. Optionally, you can put the downloaded Eclipse into system folder so other users can use it:
  • sudo cp -r eclipse-java-helios-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz /usr/local
  • cd /usr/local
  • sudo chmod a+x eclipse-java-helios-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz
  • sudo tar xvzf eclipse-java-helios-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz
  • #create Eclipse shortcut on Desktop
  • cd ~/Desktop
  • ln -s /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse

3. Installing ADT Plugin for Eclipse
In order to communicate with Android SDK Tools, Eclipse needs a plugin so called ADT plugin. Please open your Eclipse IDE, navigate to "Help > Install New Software ...", click "Add" in the top-right corner. In the Add Repository dialog that appears, enter "ADT Plugin" for the Name and the following URL for the Location:
And then click OK. In the Available Software dialog, check the "Developer Tools" checkbox, click Next and follow on-screen instruction.

4. Configuring ADT Plugin
The last step you need to do is locating the Android SDK Tools to work with Eclipse. In Eclipse menu, select "Window > Preferences...", select "Android" from left panel, in the "SDK Location" click "Browse" and locate your Android SDK Tools (in this example: /opt/android-sdk-linux).

Now you are ready to develop Android application on Linux :)