The latest version of default Ubuntu email client application Mozilla Thunderbird now lands on Ubuntu repository. It means that you will get the latest version when installing Thunderbird or running update on your system. So what's new in this release?

  • YouSendIt no longer expires Filelinks after 1 week
  • The prompt given when a password had changed sometimes referred to a network error rather than a change of password
  • Some Linux users may have been unable to start Thunderbird from outside the installation directory
  • Miscellaneous other stability and display updates

Well, if you haven't known before, Thunderbird now offers to share for file larger than specified file size (via Thunderbird Preferences). By now, Thunderbird uses YouSendIt service which provides free plan with 2GB disk spaces, 50 MB maximun file size, and 1 GB traffic for a month.

By uploading your file to storage service, you can avoid bounce back due to large attachments.

Install Thunderbird 13.0.1 on Ubuntu
If don't have Thunderbird installed on your system, simply run the following command to install it:
  • sudo apt-get install thunderbird
Or if you already have Thunderbird installed, please run a system update to get the latest version of Thunderbird.

Enjoy :)