Laptop overheating is not a new issue. Specially after Ubuntu 11 series, the number of complaints against overheating and battery drainage has increased exponentially.

One superb and simple way to deal this issue is to use Jupiter. Jupiter is a light weight power and hardware control applet for Linux.  It is designed to improve battery life of a portable Linux computer by integrating with the operating system and changing parameters of the computer based on battery or powered connection.

It helps in controlling the heating to a certain extent and thus it also helps in improving battery life.

To install Jupiter in Ubuntu and Linux Mint or any other Debian based Linux distribution, issue the following commands in terminal.

  • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter 
  • $ sudo apt-get update 
  • $ sudo apt-get install jupiter
After installing Jupiter, choose Power Saving mode from the options in Performance.