Before starting, please let me tell you what is: is an online repository for recording commandline gems, that you return to again and again
By now, CommandLineFu already has 8,897 commands to get many things done via command line interface (CLI). What is Fu? As simply as its name, Fu is a command line interface which allows us to search, copy, and display information on based on given keyword. For example, you want to what commands related to PDF file, Fu will give you this information:

Installation on Ubuntu
Type the following command to install Fu on Ubuntu:
  • git clone git://
  • cd fu/
  • sudo make install
Brief usage instruction
For example, you want to search commands related to PDF file, the command you should type is:
  • fu pdf
By default, Fu only displays three commands. If you want to display ALL commands available, type the following command:
  • fu -a pdf
In case, there are too many results on the screen, you can limit the number of the search results:
  • fu -n 5 pdf
The above command will only display five commands on the screen.
Fu is capable to display URL related to the commands and vote given to it.
  • fu -v pdf

Well, if you find any interested command, you can copy it to the clipboard, by typing the following command:
  • fu -c number-of-command
Change number-of-command with the number related to the command displayed on screen.

For further information, below is video which shows us how to use Fu, enjoy!

Regards :)