VLC Media Player is one of many successful open source software today. Beside, it can play many popular audio and video formats, VLC can do some cool tasks we might never use them. Today, I'd like to write a post about them.

1. Record screen activity (screencast)
We already have Eidete and gtkRecordMyDesktop to record screen activity a.k.a screencasting. But, VLC Media Player can used to do such task too. Open VLC, navigate to "Media > Open Capture Device" or press CTRL + C on the keyboard. In the "Capture Mode" option, select "Desktop" and don't forget to select "Convert" if you want to save your screencast into file.

2. Capture video from webcam
The next cool task VLC Media Player can do is capturing video from webcam. To do such task, just repeat the steps explained in number 1 above, but change "Capture Mode" to "Video for Linux 2".

3. Convert videos to many formats
To convert video using VLC Media Player, select "Media > Convert / Save ..." in the menu or press CTRL + R on the keyboard.

4. Taking snapshot of video
If you want to take image snapshot of currently playing video, simply right click anywhere on the video, navigate to "Video > Take Snapshot ...".

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