Hackety Hack is an open source application that teaches individuals how to create software using Ruby Programming language. It combines an IDE with an extensive Lessons system. Hackety Hack is a cross-platform desktop application available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it also has integration with the website, where "Hackers" can share what they've learned, ask questions, and submit feedback.

Using Hackety Hack does not require any programming experience, and is designed for absolute starters in computer programming.

 With Hackety Hack, you can learn the Ruby programming language. Ruby is used for all kinds of programs, including desktop applications and websites.

Here is a list of programs which users have made using Hackety Hack.

Installing Hackety Hack

Download Hackety Hack from here, this will download a binary run file. Change the file permissions to executable,
  • $ sudo chmod +x hacketyhack-1.0.1.run
Now you are ready to run the Hackety Hack, open the terminal and issue the following command,
  • $ ./hacketyhack-1.0.1.run
 or double click the run file in the file browser.

Now you are ready to hack Hollywood style :)