LibreOffice is default Office Suite applications for latest Ubuntu so it becomes popular nowadays. Recently, I wrote a post about how to boost LibreOffice startup by tweaking some options. Now, I'd like to share another LibreOffice trick that's how to change LibreOffice splash screen. This trick is useful - for example - if you want to "match" your LibreOffice splash screen with your remastering or desktop modification project. OK! Let's get started.

In this post, I use "theme" created by Kasenkov Please download the theme here and extract it to place which is easy to remember then type the following command to replace default LibreOffice Splash Screen (please back up the original file if needed):
  • sudo cp about.png intro.png /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/
Once replaced, you need to configure the progress bar color, size, and position. You can do it by editing "sofficerc" file.
  • sudo gedit /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc
Edit the file as follows:
  • [Bootstrap]
  • HideEula=1
  • Logo=1
  • NativeProgress=true
  • ProgressBarColor=78,158,1
  • ProgressFrameColor=45,45,45
  • ProgressPosition=60,277
  • ProgressSize=320,6
ProgressBarColor and ProgressFrameColor is in RGB value, of course you change it with any values you like. ProgressPosition is declared in X and Y coordinate, in this example, the progress bar is located at 60 pixels from left and 277 pixels from top. ProgressSize declared in width and height in pixels, in this example, we set it to 320 pixels width and 6 pixels height.

Don't forget to save your work and test it by opening LibreOffice. Hope it works.

Regards :)