Many of us complaint that LibreOffice loads slowly in startup even in high-end computer. So today I'd like to write a post on how to boost LibreOffice startup by tweaking some options inside it. Although in this post I use LibreOffice, it should works with OpenOffice too.

Please open LibreOffice and open menu "Tools > Options". Under Options window, select "Memory" in the left pane and edit the values as follows:

  • Number of steps: 20
  • Use for LibreOffice: 256 MB
  • Memory per object: 50 MB
  • Remove from memory after: 00:05 hh:mm
  • Number of objects: 20
If you did it well, it should look like this:

Now, select "View" in the left pane and change as follows:

  • Show preview of fonts: uncheck
  • Use Anti-Aliasing: uncheck

Once finished, click OK and feel the differences :D