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Friday, November 18, 2011 at 07:02

May you've know what Portable Application is, an application which can be run without any installation, can be taken everywhere, and can be easily execute without any dependencies on Guest OS. The Portable Application can give a solution at the time we need to open/run specific application/file in a computer that are not ours and we are not allowed to install something there.

For Windows user, i think they familiar with this, there are so many portable application that you can find in windows (Free/Non-Free), some of them may be able to meet in here

For Ubuntu/Linux user, we also have portable application which you can run cross Ubuntu/Linux desktop, stored in a Flash Drive, and can be easily distributed. Here following portable linux/ubuntu application sorted by their usefulness:

* note : Not all of following application has been tested by me, all application bellow is originally provide by, just download it, make it executable and run.

Portable Audio & Video Application

Portable Development application

Portable Education Application

Portable Graphic Application

Portable Network & Internet Application

Portable Office and Word processors

Portable Linux Utility
Maybe some of versions above is older than currently exist, but i will update it immediately as I get  the latest.