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Monday, November 14, 2011 at 21:51

Linux Mint 12 RC has release, comes with several application which didn't available in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric. 

Linux Mint 12 RC is known as derivative of Ubuntu but at a time its popularity exceeds ubuntu, as we wrote in here, Linux Mint 12 RC comes with two option of desktop environment that is GNOME 3.2 and GNOME 3.2 + MATE, MATE is a fork of GNOME 2 that integrated with GNOME 3, so we can say that we can use GNOME 3 without leaving GNOME 2 looks.

Linux Mint 12 Application in Ubuntu 11.10
You can install MATE and other Linux Mint 12 application such MGSE in Ubuntu by adding Linux Mint 12 application to software repository, so you can taste Linux Mint 12 without leaving Ubuntu. read following step to add / Install Linux Mint 12 Application in Ubuntu :

Adding Linux Mint 12 Repository to Ubuntu
add following line to your /etc/apt/source.list than save it.

deb lisa main upstream import
Update the package
apt-get update
When you finish updating the package you will get following error :
W: GPG error: lisa Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 3EE67F3D0FF405B2
No problem, this error happen when the public key is not available in ubuntu, install following package then update again(apt-get update)
sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring
When you finish it (update package without errors), you can check  whether the Linux Mint 12 repository has been added to the system, open your Ubuntu Software Center and find application by keyword "MINT", if you get something like following screenshot, congrats you have Linux Mint 12 application which ready to install in Ubuntu :
Linux Mint Application in Ubuntu Software Center
Install MATE in Ubuntu 11.10
you can install MINT MATE through following syntax in terminal, after installation compate log off then log on using MINT META in lightDM choice. * For any reasons: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
apt-get install mint-meta-mate
Install MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions ) in Ubuntu 11.10
MINT MGSE contain of several parts, you can find all parts of MGSE through Ubuntu Software Center by using keyword "MGSE".
MGSE in Ubuntu Software Center

please note that MGSE is GNOME 3.2extension, it's need a GNOME 3 and need to be activated, you can Activated using Gnome Tweak Tool.