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Monday, July 18, 2011 at 21:15

Ubuntu known as skyrocketed Linux distro which has supported by many hardware vendor and community, along with it, more plentiful community, people, and up to software maker race to provide an interesting application for ubuntu as well as computer game. Ubuntu no longer known as the unattractive operating system but also give a choice to the game lovers.

There are many way to install game in ubuntu, the most easiest and fastest way is go to Ubuntu Software Center then click to Game sub menu then you will find ton of game which ready to install through official ubuntu repository there. Another way is, download the game and install through standalone installer (.deb)
0 A.D Game for Ubuntu
There are many website which you can find in google that provide free Ubuntu Game for download, but you do not change there because we serve at least 10 website you must know that provide best Ubuntu Game for you. Here are list of website that provide Ubuntu / Linux Game for download :
Not all website that listed above is provide a free game for download, some of them is provide commercial game which you must pay for it, but  almost of them is free. To playing game at ubuntu not limited to `a game that dedicated to ubuntu` but also you can play such us console game (Sony PS1/2/3, Nintendo DS, etc ) up to Windows game in ubuntu like what we write in previous post here.