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Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 09:35

A man page is "guidance" page which defaultly installed when relevant application installed. man is short of "manual " which can be access through simply command man  + name_of_command, for example if we want to see the manual page of  "locate" then type "man locate". By changing the man pages into PDF files it would make easier to read and distribute. Here is tutorial How to change Linux / Ubuntu Man page into PDF.

To convert a man page to PDF we need such ghostscript application installed, type following command in terminal to install :

    sudo apt-get install ghostscript  

use following command to start convert linux man page to PDF

    man -t name_of_command | pdf2ps - name_of_file.pdf

Example :
Here is example how to make PDF file of locate manual page.

      man -t locate | pdf2ps - locate.pdf