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Friday, May 27, 2011 at 09:00

Who is Nixie Pixel ?
Nixie Pixel is 24th 'beautifull' sexy girl who made lot of ubuntu video tutorial on a youtube, see Miss.Nixie Pixel channel here. Here's sort of biography taken from her website :

I was born of Russian descent and was adopted by a wonderful family, grew up in Massachusetts where I spent most of my childhood years, then moved to Iowa (the middle of nowhere to be exact) as a teen as an effort by my parents to calm the “wild child” in me. After this wild child gamer girl grew up to be a wild gamer chick, I thought I’d try out something different and head out to the coasts of California. I love to travel and just recently spent a month in Europe, exclusively to check out the Love Parade, a 1.5 million strong electronic dance party/rave.. (oh, watch out for the Space cakes in Amsterdam)

the Sexy "Nixie Pixel"
Sometimes much easier for us to learn something from video, easy to understand, easy to follow, here some ubuntu tutorial video has made my Miss.Nixie pixel.

Interested in knowing more about Nixie pixel, check her official here. I Hope that Miss.Nixie read this too :D