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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 08:32

As if didn't want to miss with Microsoft Office Progress, OpenOffice.Org in providing services to the program office, especially that related to the chemistry it also provides its own specificity for the chemical. Understand it different chemical typing with regular typing. Often necessary chemical formulas and others.
To install (to install) OOChemistry, you must already
have installed in your operating system (Windows, Linux, Solaris, * BSD) also Java 1.6 runtime (Sun JRE 6 and OpenJDK 6 on x86 and x86_64 platforms.) Java must be activated in If you encounter an error (error) during installation (installation), you may need to install/re-install or similar. How to install could be simply double click the file OOChem-0.1.0-alpha.oxt, if it get fails you can add it manually by this instructions:
On openoffice org click the Tools menu -> Extension Manager -> Select the Add button (at the bottom) -> Select the downloaded file OOChem-0.1.0-alpha.oxt -> Follow the next instructions until complete.

Adding OOChemistry by manual
To make a chemical structure on the document, select the menu item Insert -> Object -> OLE Object ... and select JChemPaint Chemical diagram. JChemPaint window will appear. Create an image that you want and close the window JChemPaint - images are stored (inserted - insert) in the document. To edit a chart or structure, double click on that structure.
Palet JChemPaint while usage
Some chemical formula is already in a worksheet
Download here OOo Chemistry 5.66 MB.Download 3.2.1 for Windows version here amounted to 148 MB.Download 3.2.1 versions for other operating systems can more visit Java Runtime from here around 15.32 MB customize the operating system you use.
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