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Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 07:37

Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) is just the lattest improvement from the previous version, Lucid lynx  is LTS (Long Time Support) so is we use it provider (connonical) will support all application and problem longer than other version. Defaultly ubuntu 10.04 is the fattest ubuntu ever, but some people fell why stheir system running very slow than before. here you are some problem that cause your system running quiet slowly and how to tweak it more faster.

Upgradle from previous version 
yes, everyone knows that connonical (ubuntu) provide `not the fatest way` how to take a newer version of ubuntu by upgrading their system. one thing to be consider before you start upgrading your system is  'did your system running well (faster) before ?', if the answer is yes you can install it fearly, but if the answer is no you must consider to upgrade if you force your system, theh newer installed operating system just slow like before. 'try to install fresh/direct from ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx CD installer is the best way to comfy yhe lucid lynx'.

Too much visual effect
visual effect is facility in every linux (ubuntu) version, but some time the suitability the effect and your graphic card can be annoying problem. here some tips to break that prolble is.
  • check you graphic card using 'lspci -nn | grep VGA' and try to get answer from uncle google the advantages and disadvantages if you are using ubuntu visual effect.
  • try to minimalis/none visual effect, go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance then custumize and feel the change.
Install Ubuntu Tweak
To facilitate custumizing ubuntu desktop there is application called Ubuntu Tweak. Ubuntu Tweak is an unofficial ubuntu application/utillity to config ubuntu system and appearence, to install ubuntu tweak by downloading package in the official website or synaptics package manager. I fell ubuntu tweak is very use full to make both appearence and perfomance in ubuntu10.04 (lucid lynx).
he 3x, there is a lot of stuff in ubuntu tweak guys, explore by your self and make your system perfomance more faster.

Avoid a Greedy Application
Some application needs a lot of resource of CPU or System Memory,  if your system is getting slower check the application memory/cpu consumption using 'ps -aux' under terminal or 'gnome system monitor'.

find the application on the top of display, remember the 'PID' number then kill using command 'kill [pid number] ' or 'killall [application name]'.