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Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 17:36

Now days almost all of us have a social networking account to keep in touch with friend, family or maybe stranger outside the internet. there are many website that provides an account of social network and also give a many/different feature from one to another. the new version of Ubuntu 10.04 come with a new future called ubuntu social broadcast that make being sociable has never been so easy, by this feature make ubuntu user posible to do an activity with their social networking account such us chatting, update status, or mailing trough their desktop. 

The new Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) defautly come with application named 'gwibber', Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for Linux. It brings the most popular social networking web services to your desktop and gives you the ability to control how you communicate. Gwibber have abbility to do a social networking activity both facebook, twitter or also other in one window.

To start using gwibber you can go ubuntu menu then Application > Internet > Gwibber Social Client, you must set gwibber before you can use it, to manage your account go to gwibber menu then menu 'edit > account > Add'  choose type of your account (facebook,twitter,flickr) and let gwibber authenticate your account. If your account is valid and facebook (if you are using facebook) has let gwibber accessing your account congratulation you have your own facebook in your desktop.

Gwibber have a many feature such as colaboration with database (sqllite) to manage/save the history, if you not already have a gwibber please visit this link to download. Thanks for your time and don't forget to left your comment :P