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Friday, June 7, 2024 at 23:40

This tutorial will help you setup integration of Google Drive storage on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat". The expected result is to enable access in the file manager, upload and download (read and write) to your Gmail account's online storage. This means Files will show youremail at gmail dot com as a new drive and you will be able to copy and paste write and delete files and folder remotely to it. 


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1. Click Ubuntu button > find and run Settings

2. Go to Online Accounts > Connect an Account > Google.

3. Google Account dialog will show > click Sign In... > Firefox will show Google Sign In web page. 

4. On Sign In page, select your email account > proceed > Sign in to GNOME > Continue.

5. It will say "GNOME wants to access your Google Account" > read on > click Allow.  

6. Settings will show once again with your Gmail account > there are four options enabled > Contacts and Calendar and Email and Calendar and Files > let them be > close Settings.

(Picture: Step 4)

(Picture: Step 5)

(Picture: Step 6) 

7. Run Files > see drive to the left panel > Google Drive is ready to access. 

(Nautilus showing our Drive along with old files inside it)

8. If you want to temporarily close the connection, simply turn off your internet access. 

9. Finally if you want to completely remove Google Drive access, simply disable it on your Gmail in Online Accounts in Settings or even further click Remove after selecting it. 


We wish you luck! 



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