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Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 22:15

This tutorial will explain in short how to make LibreOffice Calc able to do XLOOKUP by adding an extension called Lox365. It will give you abilities of xlookup and more features like Excel. We would love to say thank you very much to the developer, Goose Pirate, for creating it. 


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1. Visit Lox365 Web Page

[ Visit Website ]

2. Download Extension

Find there Releases section and download the file with .oxt extension. 

3. Install LibreOffice Extension

Click the file with .oxt extension >  LibreOffice will show > Extension Manager will ask you permission to install it > click OK. 

4. Restart LibreOffice

Select Restart LibreOffice if you are asked to do so. 


5. Use XLOOKUP in Calc

Now XLOOKUP function is ready to use in Calc. You can use it as in Excel. 



Lox365 Extension (The Document Foundation)


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