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This tutorial will help you to install GoldenDict a desktop dictionary program on Ubuntu. This will give you English-Indonesian language translation in both ways and it also works without internet access. Other language support can be downloaded also in the end of article. We dedicate this article for education so teachers can help students in all schools to learn foreign languages. Happy learning!

 (Translation of words on a Wikipedia web page using GoldenDict (floating window) by mouse clicks)

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About GoldenDict

GoldenDict is a desktop dictionary application that translates text from a language to another by using dictionary files publicly available on the internet. For more information, visit Wikipedia and GoldenDict Website.


Expected Results

This is how GoldenDict should works on your computer. 

  • Typing a word will translate to word in another language.
  • Double-clicking a word will translate it too.  



  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Operating system (GNU/Linux or Windows)


  • GoldenDict


  • Dictionary database files "English-Indonesian".

Download it at GitHub (Archived).



Software Installation

1. Run Terminal.

2. Type command line below and press Enter.

$ sudo apt-get install goldendict

3. Run GoldenDict from applications menu once finished.


Dictionary Database Installation

1. Make sure you downloaded the dictionary language database file. In this example, we use English-Indonesian and the file name is [600KB].


(Picture showing a GitHub page, where to download the dictionary database file)


2. Extract the ZIP file so that you have a folder named "stardict-quick-english-indonesian-master" containing several files with certain extensions namely .idx, and .ifo. 



3. On GoldenDict, click menu Edit > Dictionaries > a new dialog will open.

4. On Dictionaries dialog, open Sources > Files section.

5. Click Add... button > a file chooser dialog will open > navigate to the extracted folder > OK > Apply > OK > dictionary database successfully added. 


6. Optionally, disable Wikipedia so it will not act as dictionary by going to menu Edit > Dictionaries > Dictionaries > drag and drop 'Wikipedia' from the top to bottom position so it belongs to Inactive > Apply > OK. 


 (Notice English Wikipedia on the bottom belongs to Inactive dictionaries)


Software Use

1. Run GoldenDict.

2. Type a word in Indonesian such as "kopi".

3. It will translate to English "coffee". 

4. Type a word in English such as "book".

5. It will translate to Indonesian "buku". 


6. Open any selectable text in web browser, word processor, terminal etc. for example visit Wikipedia English for Coffee. 

7. Enable Scan feature on GoldenDict. 

8. Double click a word e.g. "roasting".

9. It will translate to Indonesian "pembakaran" in a small floating window that is convenient for learners.

10. Repeat step 6-9 for the reverse i.e. translating words at Wikipedia Indonesian into English.   


Tips & Tricks

  • Click "Scan Popup" on GoldenDict tray to enable/disable translating by click on floating window.
  • Click "Magic Wand" button to do so, as an alternative. 
  • Disable Scan Popup whenever you do not need translation.


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