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This tutorial will show you an example of converting numbers to words with a function in LibreOffice Calc. It works by translating number, say 1234, into English words one thousand two hundred thirty four. The function in question is NUMBERTEXT, that spells numbers, and MONEYTEXT, that spells money currencies, all with translations to multiple languages including Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian.

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A1 = 10
A2 = 100
A3 = 1000
A4 = 10000
A5 = 100000
A6 = 1000000
A7 = 1234567890

Basic Conversions

1. Write example numbers above in A1-A7 cells.
2. Write functions below in B1-B7 cells.

=NUMBERTEXT(A1) spells ten
=NUMBERTEXT(A2) spells one hundred
=NUMBERTEXT(A3) spells one thousand
=NUMBERTEXT(A4) spells ten thousand
=NUMBERTEXT(A5) spells one hundred thousand
=NUMBERTEXT(A6) spells one million
=NUMBERTEXT(A7) spells one billion, two hundred thirty-four million, five hundred sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred ninety

Spelling Numbers in English

The basic use of this function is in these two formats:

=MONEYTEXT(Number, Currency, Language)
For example, to spell out a number:
one thousand
To spell out money currency:
=NUMBERTEXT(A4, "USD", "en-us")
one thousand US dollar
More examples below.

Spelling Numbers in Other Languages

Other than English, NUMBERTEXT supports spelling numbers in many other languages. See examples below:

Chinese: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "zh-zh")

France: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "fr-fr")

German: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "de-de")

Indonesian: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "id-id")

Japanese: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "ja-ja")

Korean: =NUMBERTEXT(A4, "ko-ko")

Other languages may follow above examples with language code list in the end section. If your language is not supported yet, we encourage you to help contribute to the project (see last section).

Spelling Numbers into Money Currencies in English

MONEYTEXT supports spelling numbers into money currencies in English.  See examples below:

Chinese Yen: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "CNY", "en-us")
Great Britain Pound sterling: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "GBP", "en-us")
European Euro: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "EUR", "en-us")
Thai Baht: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "THB", "en-us")
Japanese Yen: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "JPY", "en-us")
Korean Won: =MONEYTEXT(A4, "KRW", "en-us")
Spell the following:
Ten thousand Chinese yuan 
Ten thousand pounds sterling
Ten thousand euro
Ten thousand Japanese yen
Ten thousand Korean won 

Spelling Numbers into Money Currencies in Their Local Languages

MONEYTEXT function also supports spelling numbers into money currencies in each ones local languages other than English. 

Chinese Yuan in Chinese: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "CNY", "zh-zh")
Pound sterling in English: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "GBP", "en-uk")
Euro in French: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "EUR", "fr-fr")
Euro in German: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "EUR", "de-de")
Euro in Spanish (Espanol): =MONEYTEXT(A3, "EUR", "es-es")
Euro in Portuguese: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "EUR", "pt-pt")
Rupiah in Indonesian: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "IDR", "id-id")
Yen in Japanese: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "JPY", "ja-ja")
Won in Korean: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "KRW", "ko-ko")
Baht in Thai: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "THB", "th-th")
Philippine Peso in English:  =MONEYTEXT(A3, "PHP", "en-us")
Malaysian Ringgit in English: =MONEYTEXT(A3, "MYR", "ms-my")
Spell as the following:
US Dollar  🇬🇧🇺🇸
Ten thousand U.S. dollars

Chinese Yuan 🇨🇳

Euro, German 🇩🇪
Zehntausend Euro

Euro, French 🇫🇷
Dix-mille euros

Euro, Spanish 🇪🇸
Diez mil euros

Euro, Portuguese 🇵🇹
Dez mil euros

Indonesian Rupiah 🇮🇩
Sepuluh ribu rupiah

Japanese Yen 🇯🇵

Korean Won 🇰🇷
일만 원

Thai Baht 🇹🇭

Philippine Peso 🇵🇭
Ten thousand Philippine pesos

Malaysian Ringgit 🇲🇾
Sepuluh ribu Ringgit




Several caveats we found with the current version of NumberText are as the following. For everyone wanting to contribute and fix the issues together, please visit the website. We hope these issue will be fixed immediately.
  • cannot spell out Arabic
  • cannot spell out Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR), UAE Dinar (AED), and Philippine Peso (PHP) in their own local languages
  • cannot spell out Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) in English


NumberText extension is a LibreOffice extension and was formerly an extension. It's functionality is to add two new functions to Calc, namely, NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT, respectively aimed for converting number to text and to countries' currencies. It is developed by Lazlo Nemeth from Hungary along with project contributors, funded by and NLNet organizations. Visit the official website.

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