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Monday, August 1, 2022 at 21:22

Linux Mint, the desktop user oriented variant of Ubuntu from Ireland, released its new computer operating system version 21 codenamed "Vanessa" late July. This is a list of download links to help you download all editions of it including the alternative mirrors, torrents and checksums so you can run your computer with Linux Mint.

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What is Linux Mint?

Mint is a computer operating system and GNU/Linux distribution from Ireland that is suitable as an alternative and replacement to Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Since its first release in 2006, it promises user friendly desktop experience, active development and very good community for all users. Mint is derived from another GNU/Linux distribution, Ubuntu, with its own slogan saying From freedom came elegance. Its official website is

Download Cinnamon Edition

Choose this if you're looking for the most popular edition of Mint. It's sleek, modern and innovative.



Download MATE Edition

Choose this if you're looking for stable, robust and traditional experience of Mint operating system. For long time GNU/Linux users, it's the closest to the old times GNOME 2 experience.



Download Xfce Edition

Choose this if you're looking for the most lightweight, fastest and low-end hardware friendly edition of Mint.


Alternative Mirror Downloads

If download links above do not work or are very slow, you can download using one of alternative mirrors below. 








South Africa

South Korea


United Kingdom

United States

Alternative BitTorrent downloads

If you find the above mirror downloads not satisfying, you are encouraged to download alternatively via BitTorrent links below. It is the fastest way to download Linux Mint and the most reliable in most conditions. Follow Torrent Download Guide if you don't know how to start.

Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition Torrent

Linux Mint MATE Edition Torrent

Linux Mint Xfce Edition Torrent


Once downloaded, an ISO image file should be verified (digitally checked) against its official checksum number (digital fingerprint). Below is a list of SHA256SUM checksums of Linux Mint 21. Follow Checksum Verification Guide if you don't have an idea how to.

f524114e4a10fb04ec428af5e8faf7998b18271ea72fbb4b63efe0338957c0f3 *linuxmint-21-cinnamon-64bit.iso
02a80ca98f82838e14bb02753bd73ee0da996c9cda3f027ae1c0ffb4612c8133 *linuxmint-21-mate-64bit.iso
3ad001dc15cb661c6652ce1d20ecdc85a939fa0b4b9325af5d0c65379cc3b17e *linuxmint-21-xfce-64bit.iso

Happy downloading!

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