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Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 14:55

How to insert Al Qur'an and translations into LibreOffice Writer documents? In the past we had QiOO. Now we have Insert Qur'an Text, also known as QuranLO, an extension of LibreOffice. The benefit is that it's complete, easy to copy paste, and includes translations in English and Indonesian as well as other languages. We would love to gratefully thank Pmossie who developed this useful piece of software. Now let's learn.

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Install Arabic Fonts

It is required to have arabic fonts installed on your computer before proceeding. We recommend fonts to type Al Qur'an recommended by King Fahd Quran (Saudi Arabia),, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, and The Free Software Community namely as the following 

- KFGQPC Uthmanic Script, DOWNLOAD

- Scheherazade, DOWNLOAD

- LPMQ Isep Misbah DOWNLOAD , and

- Amiri Quran  DOWNLOAD

Install all the fonts above on your Ubuntu box.

The benefit of using the King Fahd font is that your Quran text would look exactly like what you read from Quran moshhafs printed in Saudi Arabia while the LPMQ font's is that they would look like Quran moshhafs printed Indonesia. 

Install Quran Extensions

This extension can be installed on LibreOffice running on Ubuntu, Windows and macOS computers.

1. Visit

Alternatively, go to LibreOffice Extensions website and search for quranlo.

2. Click Download on that web page. 

3. Save the file.

You downloaded a LibreOffice extension file named QuranLO-v2.oxt.

4. Run LibreOffice Writer.

5. Open menu Tools > Extensions Manager > a new dialog will open. 

6. Click Add > file chooser dialog will open > select extension file QuranLO-v2.txt > click Accept to the license > accept Restart LibreOffice > after restarting, now QuranLO is installed in LibreOffice Writer. 

As a result, in the menubar now presents a new menu named Quran and a new black button that says Al Quran in arabic. 

(Web page of QuranLO)
(Opening the QuranLO-v2.oxt file with the extension installer)

(Accepting GNU GPL free software license of the extension) 

(Successful installation would show QuranLO extension)

Add a Chapter

In the Quran, chapter is called surah. For example, to add Al Fatihah, the first surah in the Quran, 

1. Go to menu Quran > Insert Quran Text > a new dialog will open.

2. On Insert Quran Text dialog, select surah = Al Fatihah > select ayat = all > select font = KFGQPC Uthmanic Script HAFS > OK. 

3. You added surah Al Fatihah ayat number 1 to 7 into Writer document.

4. Repeat step 1 to 3 for another surah.

 (An example of inserting Al Qur'an surahs by using a borderless table)

Add a Verse

In the Quran, verse is called ayat. For example, to add ayat number 3 of  surah 112 surah Al Ikhlas is

1. Go to menu Quran > Insert Quran Text > the dialog will open.

2. On the dialog, select surah = Al Ikhlas > select ayat = deselect all ayat, select from 3 to 3 > OK. It should read lam yaleed wa lam yoolad.

3. An ayat of a surah is added to Writer document. 

4. Repeat step 1 to 3 for another ayat.

Add Translation

For example, to insert English translation of the first surah Al Fatihah is:

1. Open up Insert Quran Text. 

2. Select surah Al Fatihah.

3. Under Languages, give check mark to Translation > select translation = English (Sahih International) > select translation font = Liberation Serif > OK. 

4. A surah and its full English translation added to Writer document.

5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for other surah's translation.

Note that you can insert only the translation without the surah by removing check mark on Arabic.

 (An example of inserting Al Qur'an ayat and translation with 14 and 12 font texts respectively and several spacing adjustments)

Add Translation other than English

QuranLO currently supports Indonesian, Dutch, and Urdu translations other than English (will increase following new people contributing). For example, to add Indonesian translation to Al Fatihah, do the following:

1. Open up Insert Quran Text. 

2. Select Arabic > select Translation = Indonesian > OK. It should read starting with Dengan menyebut nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.

3. An Al Qur'an surah and its full Indonesian translation added to Writer document.

 (An example of Al Fatihah and its Indonesian translation arranged in Writer document with borderless table and 1.5 vertical spacing)

Change Arabic Font

To switch between Arabic fonts other than KFGQPC Uthmanic, do the following:

1. Open up Insert Quran Text

2. Select any surah any ayat.

3. Switch font from KFGQPC to Amiri Quran, or Schehezerezade, or LPMQ, or any other font > OK.



That's all. Now you can easily insert Al Qur'an surah and ayat to your Writer documents. Aside from that, you can also easily copy and paste Al Qur'an as well as its translation in your language to your emails, chats, communication channels etc. We hope this helps everyone.



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