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Monday, February 28, 2022 at 12:59

This tutorial explains how to create and insert Quick Response (QR) codes in Writer, the word processor program of LibreOffice. Why we learn to make QR Codes? Because today, QR Codes are popular thanks to smartphones so people can quickly access  address you're point to in your publications like books, registration papers, flyers, posters, etc. This requires Writer 6.4 or later and does not require other program. Now let's do it!

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1. Create New Document

Run Writer from your start menu.

2. Generate QR Code

Go to menu Insert > Object > QR Code > a dialog will open > insert an internet URL like > OK > QR Code generated in the document.

3. Test QR Code

Snap the QR Code on screen with your smartphone. Does it go to the correct address as you intended to? If it does, then jump to step 5. If it does not, continue next step.

4. Edit QR Code

The QR Code inserted can be edited once you saw an error. To do so, right-click the QR Code > the dialog will open again > edit the URL or other options > OK > QR Code edited.


5. Adjust QR Code

The QR Code inserted in form of a scalable picture just like any other picture in a document. As such, you can move it to another place in a page, as well as resize, copy and delete it. For example, you can list out your favorite website addresses in a table and create QR Code for each one of them like below. That's it.

See you next time and happy writing!

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