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Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 14:57


Learning is a goal many have. You can be a student who wants to prepare for your future career. You can be an employee who is looking to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. You can be a teacher or mentor who wants to support the learning process of their students. Either way, you’re surely using technology. And besides all the courses you can attend or organize, you can also use some basic tools for skills and plan development.

Getting an education in college can be an overwhelming and stressful thing at times. You have essays to write, group projects to collaborate on, assignments to submit. This is a learning process you are involved in continuously, so you can make it more productive and efficient. All these if you use Google Spreadsheets. Let’s find out what are the benefits of using them when you’re learning.

It is very easy to find a topic for writing essays
One of the problems that many students face is finding a topic for an essay. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when there are a lot of things you want to talk about. And you certainly want to impress your professor, but you also want to write on a topic that will get his or her attention.

If you're wondering what the connection is between this and Google Spreadsheets, here it is. You can use this tool to compile statistics and see what essay topics come up most often. You can find free sample essays on many subjects, including literature topics here:, it's also worth noting that Edubirdie has a good selection of essays on various topics written by their team of professional writers. I'm sure they will be a good source of inspiration for you, as well as useful for your statistics.

Efficient Collaboration
Another benefit of using Google Spreadsheets in the learning process is that it ensures efficient collaboration. Group projects are mandatory and every student has to work in a team to deliver the project. This helps students learn the value of teamwork, but also how to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Google Spreadsheets can be used to make collaboration more productive as it is an online tool. This means that students can access, edit, and see the changes live. Which makes working on a team, sharing documents, or working on statistics and data more productive and easier. Google Spreadsheets has a lot of nice features that contribute to the whole learning process.


An awesome feature Google Spreadsheets comes with is that it can easily be linked to other Google Drive apps. For example, you can create charts in Spreadsheets and then import them to Slides, where you build your presentation. Students are involved in a learning process not only when they study or read. But also when they craft their presentations and write their essays. And for these to be compelling, they need arguments, facts, statistics.

Which have more impact if they are sent visually. And Google Spreadsheets help you easily do this. You can choose from a wide diversity of templates, personalize the colors, and import the chart in Google Slides or Google Docs.

Sheets Linking
One of the best features that support the learning process is that you can link between sheets. This is especially helpful for students who are creating their training and learning plans in Google Spreadsheets. The more visually appealing your plan is, the more motivated you will be to pursue it and measure your progress. And as you can link between sheets, this will make learning more efficient.

Final Thoughts
Technology has advanced tremendously in the last couple of years. It delivered some incredible tools that help people collaborate and communicate easier. Google Spreadsheets is one of the online tools that can be used by students and professors alike.

It offers incredible features that help you plan your learning, create a training plan and visually appealing charts. It makes collaboration easier as more people can work on the same document at the same time. It can also be used for analyzing data and generating statistics.

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