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This tutoriall will explain how one can install Yunohost based on Debian 10 with examples in step by step. This tutorial is practiced locally in a virtual machine and you can practice later on a real computer once you understood how to play it. Now let's start practicing!

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  1. An x86_64 computer*. 
  2. A virtual machine by 2 CPU, 2500MB RAM, 30GB HDD, read AQEMU Guide to setup one.
  3. A Debian 10 Live GNOME installation image, visit Debian Archive to get one. 
  4. An installed Debian 10 GNOME operating system. 
  5. A working internet access.

*) Yunohost is also available for i386 so please adapt this tutorial yourself if you use i386 instead of x86_64. 


Installation Rules

We beforehand determine these installation configurations:

  • System: Yunohost localhost server running on a Debian 10 amd64 on a virtual machine on an Ubuntu OS installed on a laptop.
  • Administrator username: admin
  • Administrator password: administrator
  • Normal user: malsasa
  • Normal user password: administrator
  • Administrator domain name: yunohost.local
  • Application domain name:
  • IP address:
  • Administration address:

Step 1. Install Debian 10

Visit our Debian 10 Install Guide and install the operating system in your virtual machine based on that. Once you finished it, continue next step.

Step 2. Run Yunohost Installation

In the virtual machine that runs Debian 10, do the following:

1. Run Terminal. 

2. Download the script*.

3. Run the script as root**. 

4. Installation process running on screen.

5. Accept all questions with yes on screen. 

6. Once finished, an installation successful message will appear. 

Do not close the terminal. Continue next step.

*) Download the Yunohost installation script by this command:

$ curl > install_yunohost

**) Run the script by this command:

$ sudo /bin/bash install_yunohost  

Step 3. Setup Yunohost User Administration

Still on the same terminal, do the following:

1. Run Yunohost's post-installation command*. 

Terminal will display questions you should answer by typing.

2. Create main domain yunohost.local.

3. Create administrator username. 

4. Create administrator password. 

5. You finished the initial administration. 

Close the terminal. Continue next step.

*) Run post-installation by this command:

$ sudo yunohost tools postinstall 

Step 4. Enter Yunohost

Now we will see Yunohost control panel for the first time.

1. Open web browser. 

2. Visit

3. Login with administrator password: administrator. 

4. Yunohost control panel will welcome you. 

Congratulations, you have been successfully installed Yunohost on localhost!

To this point, you are ready to getting started with Yunohost to do experiments and explorations as much as possible.

Step 5. Setup a Yunohost Application

Finally, as the real exercise we need to practice installing and setting up an application. We will install WordPress, a complete website server, with Yunohost system. In the virtual machine, do the followings:

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. New User.

3. Give it name malsasa, its password administrator, its confirmation administrator, and continue.

4. Back to Control Panel, go to Applications, click Install button, select Publishing, find WordPress and click Install. 

5. On the WordPress application setup, let all options be unchanged except its label "My Website" and its user "malsasa", and click INSTALL button.

6. Wait for the process taking place. 

7. Your website can be visited at 

8. Your login page to WordPress Dashboard thus is 

Congratulations, you have selfhosted your first Yunohost.


To this point, we finished our simple Yunohost selfhosting installation. We have not yet tackle another stuffs like DNS setup, SSL Certificate setup, and other things as we are focused to the hosting to be able to run first. Later on, you can learn more from and its forum to create more. Finally, we hope this helps you a lot.


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Happy hosting!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.