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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Friday, December 31, 2021 at 21:11

This article is a collection of ideas to practice selfhosting with Yunohost for beginners who are learning system administration. Yunohost is like magic, this server OS allows us to deploy a full, working email server in one click and that works for other kinds of server too. Now, let's see the ideas!

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1. Email Server

You can build your own 'Gmail' server at home. Yunohost gives you an instant installation of email server set that consists of Postfix + Dovecot + Roundcube so every user you create will have his/her own email address that looks like malsasa@yunohost.local. Try it out!

2. Website

You can build a professional website by your own. Yunohost gives you a set of web server + database server + website management system (Nginx + MySQL + WordPress) so you can make a selfhosted website crazy fast! 

3. Web Forum

Love online web discussions like, Arch Linux BBS, LinuxMint Forums or Purism Forum? Create your forum by yourself on your home with Yunohost. We are very lucky Yunohost offers us FluxBB, phpBB and Discourse web forum software we can pick.


4. Wiki

You can build your own Wikipedia at home. Yunohost gives you MediaWiki, the same server software that built Wikipedia.

5. Online Storage

You can build your own 'GDrive' server as well. Yunohost gives you technology called Nextcloud, that is, the full-featured extensible online storage owned by you.

6. Video Streaming

You can built your own 'YouTube' server at home. Amazing, right? Yunohost gives you PeerTube, which in turn will be a video uploading, sharing and broadcasting server on your own hands.


7. Social Media

More amazing stuffs, with Yunohost you can build your own 'Facebook', 'Twitter', or 'Instagram' server. It gives you the technologies for that, namely Friendica, Mastodon and Pixelfed, respectively, which in turn will become social media under your own / your organization's custody.

8. Office Documents Editor

You can build your own 'GDocs' or 'MS 365' for use in your company. Yunohost gives you two choices either LibreOffice Online (aka Collabora) or ONLYOFFICE.

9. Video Conferencing

Great news, o dear people, Yunohost gives us Galene Video Conference server technology. At the moment, Yunohost has not include either one of Jitsi Meet or BigBlueButton because of their administration complexity.


10. Software Forge

Want to be independent from GitHub or any other online software forge? Yes, with Yunohost you are made easy to build your own software forget with greatest choices available, namely, GitLab CE and Gitea.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.