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Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 21:27

elementary OS is a fast replacement to Windows or macOS. It comes with basic apps you need without ones you don't. Because of that, several standard apps like LibreOffice not included by default. This article presents you the apps and guide to install them to help you every time you have new elementary OS. We hope this would be useful to you!

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How To Play

This article mentions each application name followed by command to install it. To install an app from this article, for example:

  • Run your elementary OS computer.
  • Open this article on Web.
  • Open Terminal.
  • Copy a command from this article. 
  • Paste it into Terminal.
  • For example, copy sudo apt-get install libreoffice, and paste it on Terminal, accept the questions and let it do everything for you. 
  • Finally, find the app on Applications Menu. 


All other operating systems include LibreOffice so to install it:

LibreOffice: sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Writer is word processor, Calc is spreadsheet, and Impress is presentation. Good luck!

Alternative Browser

Cannot use Web? Use its alternative:

Firefox: sudo apt-get install firefox

Tips: you can install uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere addons to block ads and secure your browsing.

Useful Utilities

elementary OS does not include standard utilities like archive manager, disk tools, system monitor etc. 

Archive Manager: installed

Like WinRAR, a tool to open compressed archive files. Type archive manager on Applications Menu to show it. 

System Monitor: sudo apt-get install gnome-system-monitor

Like Task Manager, a utility to show CPU/RAM loads and list of running programs. 

Disk Manager: sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility

Like Disk Management, a utility to display your hard disk and storages including ability to format, backup and restore too.

Disk Analyzer: sudo apt-get install baobab

A utility to rank folders in your storage based on MB capacity use which one of the purposes is so that you can delete whichever unnecessary files safely.


Digikam: sudo apt-get install digikam

Like ACDSee, a full featured camera and photo manager.

Darktable: sudo apt-get install darktable

Like Adobe Lightroom, a full featured digital dark room and raw photo procesor.

For more photography software, PIXLS.US is our recommendation.

Image Editors

Designers, painters and layout artists can use apps namely:

GIMP: sudo apt-get install gimp

Like Photoshop, a professional photo editor.

Inkscape: sudo apt-get install inkscape

Like CorelDRAW, a professional illustrator.

Krita: sudo apt-get install krita

Like Paint Tools SAI, a professional digital painting and 2D animation tool.

Scribus: sudo apt-get install scribus

Like PageMaker, a professional desktop publishing and page layout program.

Multimedia Productions

Audacity: sudo apt-get install audacity

Audio editor.

OpenShot: sudo apt-get install openshot

Like Windows Movie Maker, a simple video editor.

Kdenlive: sudo apt-get install kdenlive

Like Adobe Premiere, a nice video editor.

Blender 3D: sudo apt-get install blender

Like 3DSMax, a professional 3D animation maker.

For more audio visual software, LibreAV is our recommendation.

Download Managers

The standard and the bittorrent ones missing on elementary OS so to install them:

Persepolis: sudo apt-get install persepolis

Like IDM, a general purpose download accelerator.

Transmission: sudo apt-get install transmission-gtk

The bittorrent app all Ubuntu users know of. 

Password Manager

Have accounts? Everyone should have a password manager to ease their life.

KeePassXC: sudo apt-get install keepassxc


Have messenger? 


Download the program, you got a tar.xz file, extract it and double-click the Telegram file inside and installation finished. 


Once Firefox installed, go to this website, create your own room, share the link with friends, and start voice or video call or conference.


Once you have Signal Mobile, go to that website to download and install Signal Desktop.


No need to install anything, go to that website with Web to start chatting with friends, family and community. It is the Matrix based messenger.


No need to install anything, simply login with Web and start chatting. It is the XMPP based messenger as well as social media and blogging platform.

Note: Element's and Movim's video call will not work with Web.


There are some games of our recommendation:

Frozen Bubble: sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble
Kids love to play this cute game.

Tux Math: sudo apt-get install tuxmath
play with your kids funnily and smartly.

Super Tux Kart: sudo apt-get install supertuxkart
2P racing which introduces Free Software to kids.

0AD: sudo apt-get install 0ad
build a country then battle with another. 

Flare: sudo apt-get install flare
adventure RPG to defeat monsters and level up.

OpenArena: sudo apt-get install openarena
Runing and shooting enemies with multiple weapons. 

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.