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Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 22:10

Fediverse is what Diaspora, Mastodon, PeerTube and other federated social media altogether being called. These relatively new style of social networking is growing rapidly, as people demand more independence to their own hands, and now everyone of us can overview how large its growth or simply how big one part of it grows with nice statistics and charts. I hope this helps you to find a fediverse you want with either crowded or less crowded population. Let's see!

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This site overviews current statistics, charts, and maps of the whole fediverse including Mastodon and PeerTube. From the statistics served, we know that today the fediverse's top platform is Mastodon by population, and the one with the most users is, a social networking site (SNS) from Japan. From the map server, we know that the US and the EU are two places where most of fediverse platforms originated while in the Asia, Japan is the leading country.


Fediverse Database (Fedidb) is actually a collection of tools for developers and sysadmins of the fediverse platforms, however it also serves nice statistics of them all. The data is presented only in table with choices between All and individual platform and with open registration choice. For example, you can help yourself to find an open registration Pleroma place to signup, with largest population, and start your journey with The Fediverse.


The Federation Info

Four millions of users is the rough number of the whole Fediverse today according to The Federation Info. Furthermore, there are 500 millions posts, 12 millions comments, and 1 million active users (including me) in the past six months. Most of the number goes to Mastodon, followed by Pleroma, then PeerTube. The chart overviews nine things, from number of servers ("nodes") to active user ratio.

Fediverse Party

Prefer to measure them one by one? You can visit this site and click one name, for example Mastodon, and learn the metrics. Click another name to see its metrics, and so on. At the moment, speaking about registered and active users, Mastodon's population is 2 millions and 900 thousands, Friendica's ten and five thousands, and Hubzilla's almost nine and two thousands among the others.


Fediverse Trends

Lastly, @feditrends along with @fedifollows and @feditips are our friends at Mastodon who often share many things about The Fediverse and the first is the one focusing in statistics. You can follow him (he is actually a bot) to see his weekly Fediverse's Top 10 Hashtags like below. For example, at the moment we know that recently #apple is the hottest topic across three thousands Fediverse instances (not only Mastodon) being spoken by three hundreds different users. This is another way to measure The Fediverse.

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