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Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 13:05

Finally, elementary OS 6 released at 10 August 2021. It is the continuation of elementary OS 5 released three years ago. Here's a very short glimpse of it with the official links, torrents, and how to download it for everyone plus a web store to buy a laptop with elementary OS. We're happy with this release and now let's try it together!

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About elementary OS 6

This is how it looks like on a computer with a wide screen.

Download Link

Officially, elementary OS 6 codenamed Odin is available to download at


Buy elementary Laptop

elementary OS is already mass produced and shipping worldwide! Visit to see the vendors where you can order one. Today, there are already three vendors namely Laptop With Linux (Netherlands), Slimbook (Spain), and Star Labs (United Kingdom). Purchasing from these vendors will help elementary OS development. However, please be patient at the moment as elementary OS 6 laptops might only be available some moments from now on.

How To Download

To download the official way:

- click custom price button

- insert zero dollar price

- click download

- you are downloading it

To download by also giving donation to elementary OS Project:

 - click $10 price, for example, or type any other amount

- click purchase elementary OS

- proceed to the payment with your credit card

- you donated to and is downloading elementary OS 6


This donation will help further elementary OS development.

How To Download via Torrent

Above official link is the normal download way, while this one is the BitTorrent way -- an alternative download way -- which is very recommended thanks to its faster speed. To download via torrent:

- Do the normal download above before clicking download button. 

- Click the magnet button instead i.e. the " U " button beside Download. 

- Your BitTorrent program will open. 

- Start download.   

How To Verify 

Finally, your downloaded file of elementary OS 6 should have exactly the same SHA256SUM value from the official source. Follow this guide to verify. 

elementaryos-6.0-stable.20210810.iso 3e978b9c5dfbf8aaa9cd2fa6fc3780d5bdf0eacc1a147572357960b36267bee1

Happy downloading!

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