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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 12:43

This list collects video games, which are fun and educational, available on Ubuntu for kids including how to install and play them. This features Frozen Bubble and Tux Math among the others. Let's play!  



  • Frozen Bubble
  • Tux Math
  • Tux Typing
  • Tux Paint
  • Supertux
  • Super Tux Kart 
  • Extreme Tux Racer
  • Tuxfootball
  • Minetest
  • GCompris

Frozen Bubble

Colorful, easy to play game of bubbles shooting with a Penguin. You can play this either in single or two player mode.

Tux Math

Kids, let's play math! With this game, your kids will play by answering math problems and save the Penguins inside the Iglos.

Tux Typing

Kids and their parents can play this game. It is like a 10 fingers typing trainer in a form of funny game, with Penguin of course, play and have fun with your family and get a speed typing skill as a bonus.

Tux Paint

Colorful and noisy painting program for kids, with Penguin. Every tool you click will sound funny.


(not to be confused with Super Tux Kart)

Wanna play Super Mario with Penguin? Play this.

Super Tux Kart

(not to be confused with Extreme Tux Racer)

Play funny 3D racing with two players! This is amusing for playing between pair of father and kid, siblings, or friends. 

Extreme Tux Racer 

Play Penguin's own game, racing in snow land to catch all fishes!


Play football on Ubuntu for two players! The funny part is, it's the only game with Tux as name but without any Penguin inside.


A Minecraft-like world adventuring and building game kids can play. The key to play is to use inventory (I) to place tools and use scroll mouse to switch between them.


Learning by playing for kids is equal to Gcompris! Kids can play basic alphabets, arithmetic, coloring and logic, with their computer.

How To Install 

Finally, here's a short guide to grab those games onto your Ubuntu computer. What you need to do is to enable internet access and press Enter after typing each command line below. 

$ sudo apt-get install tuxtype

Above is the command line for Tux Typing game. For other games, replace tuxtype above with one of these names:

  • tuxfootball
  • tuxpaint
  • gcompris
  • minetest
  • frozen-bubble
  • supertux
  • supertuxkart