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Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 13:40

Persepolis and Download Navi are two download manager apps for Ubuntu and Android, respectively. They can help the users accelerate download speed and keep track of what files had been saved. This tutorial will explain how to use them to download files from the internet after installing them to desktop and phone. I hope this tutorial helps Ubuntu users who have computer and phone altogether.

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About The Applications

Persepolis Download Manager (PDM) is a free libre open source, cross platform, IDM-like program available officially on Ubuntu since version 20.04 Focal Fossa.

Download Navi is an Android phone app, available freely at F-Droid app store (read our quick guide). It is a very fast download accelerator and manager for mobile users. 

Features of both apps:

  • Accelerate download speed up to 16x splits
  • Automatic naming of files (Navi)
  • Pause and resume
  • Dark theme 
  • Browser integration (Persepolis)


Installing Download Managers

On Ubuntu:

    • Open Terminal.
    • Press Enter after typing the command line below. 
    • Persepolis installed.
    $ sudo apt-get install persepolis


    On Android:

    • Open F-Droid. 
    • Search for Download Navi.
    • Click INSTALL and accept everything else. 
    • Download Navi installed.

    Basic Downloading

    Now we learn how to download a file over the internet regardless it is a document, a program, a video or audio, or anything else. The basic is you just need to get the link (URL) on web browser and insert that link into the download manager. Let's practice with this exercise website

    To download a video: 

    • go to Video Files Page, 
    • select a video, 
    • right-click a Sample Video File,
    • Copy Link,
    • paste link in the download manager program, finally
    • start the download;
    • for the other files repeat steps above.

    I think it is clear and easy to do. Now, let's jump to the next practice.

    Download YouTube Videos

    INVIDIOUS (website) is a convenient way to download YouTube videos. For example, let us see this one hour Beautiful Nature Scenery video.

    On Ubuntu:

    • Right-click the playing video. 
    • Copy Video Link.
    • Open Persepolis and add new download. 
    • Paste the link.
    • Start download. 
    • It downloads. 
    • Once completed, the video is saved in Downloads.


    On Android: 

      • Open browser to the video above.
      • Click Download.
      • It plays on new tab in dark background.
      • Copy the URL from the address bar.
      • Open Download Navi, add new download.
      • Paste the URL.
      • Start download.

      The Progress and The Result

      Here's how both downloads happening and finishing. Once again, for the other types of file, the ways to download are just the same.

      Progressing with about 7MB/s speed:

      Resulting in saved videos:

      That's all. I hope this will be useful for all dear readers.

      This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.