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Monday, June 14, 2021 at 13:47

Web seeds are links to same file from another source which can be added to a torrent download session to improve its download speed. Examples of torrent programs who can add web seeds including KTorrent and qBitTorrent but not Transmission. This tutorial explains through an example how we can add several web seeds to a running torrent download using the program KTorrent.

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On torrenting: Downloading


The actual file downloaded via torrent should have mirror on the web at least one. Technically, this means that file should have a copy on a HTTP web site. For the users, this means you should know where to get that file's copy on the web or any place with HTTP access. No web seed can be used if there is no HTTP mirror of the actual file.



In this tutorial, we will download Ubuntu version 20.04 LTS with the file name ubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso and file size >=1GB. The web seed links we use here are one from Ubuntu official download page, one from, and one more from Indonesia's mirror server. In this example, you can look for more web seed links from Ubuntu CDMirrors List.





Add Web Seed

To practice, we will go through an example of downloading Ubuntu image file via torrent and then add 3 web seeds from 3 different HTTP mirrors.  That's it. This example is extremely popular and easy to do in other download purposes you might have.

1. Download the torrent file with web browser.

2. Open the torrent file with torrent client program e.g. KTorrent here.

3. Let torrent client downloads the actual file with size e.g. more than 1GB.

4. Add the first web seed, by going to a web mirror of the file, in this example we choose Ubuntu's own HTTP server[*] themselves in which dear readers already know: copy the exact image file link > go to KTorrent > select the currently downloading torrent > select Webseeds from pages selection at the bottom > paste the link > click Add Webseed.

5. Add the second web seed, in this example we choose the popular[*]: do the same as above.

6. Add the third web seed, in this example we choose Indonesia's Datautama mirror[***]: do the same as above.

7. If everything is all right, all three web seeds will show download speed increasing the torrent download speed itself. You can add more web seeds if you wish. If anything is not right, either you cannot add a web seed link, or you find an added web seed not working, do the following:

  • change https:// to http:// for each link to add it, or
  • change the link by deleting exactly the file name from the URL

8. Wait for your download to be finished.  


Note: I made this after I saw there were so few tutorials on the net about web seeds, torrenting, and especially which done with Ubuntu. So I hope this tutorial helps everyone including you.

Happy downloading!

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