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Friday, April 2, 2021 at 23:24

Second update to deepin OS Twenty released on March 31 highlighted as Beautiful and Wonderful. This article is a collection to all of its download links, several countries' mirrors, torrents and checksums so you and friends can quickly grab it and test it out on your computer. Simply click a link between links below and enjoy. Happy downloading!

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Download Deepin 20.2

Here's deepin OS from the original server in China.




If you feel the official download speed unsatisfying, try to download from nearest countries choices below.


Want fastest speed, error resistant download and contributing to the community at the same time? Download deepin using a BitTorrent link instead. Click here to learn how to download torrents.






In computing, checksums are ways to make sure a copy of digital file as identical to the original file, hence, is ready to be used. Check your downloaded deepin OS image file by these original checksums. Click here to learn how to do so.

5db575b438d948765778cbc4af914c03 deepin-desktop-community-20.2-amd64.iso
6d9e949a8e1fa82876cf1f8da12796fb deepin-live-system-2.0-amd64.iso

Making Deepin Bootable


Click here to learn how to write the image file into a USB flash drive so you can install deepin. If you use other OS than GNU/Linux, on Windows you can use Rufus while on MacOS you can use the built-in Disks.

Installing Deepin


Click here to learn how to install it to your computer with UEFI and dualboot methods.

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