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Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 16:52

Mageia, the user friendly computer operating system, finally released version 8 February this year. Mageia is a family to Ubuntu as it comes from GNU/Linux -- that is, variant of GNU operating system with the kernel Linux and specifically Mageia is the living continuation of the first user friendly distro Mandriva. This article is a collection of direct download links plus torrents of Mandriva 8.

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Installer 8

The installer is the complete way to get Mageia to a computer. It does not feature LiveCD but you can choose at the fullest everything for your computer system.


Live 8

The live edition is the preview-capable, install-capable Mageia. This is equal to Ubuntu Live Installer. 


Netinstall 8

The netinstall is the advanced installer one can use to install computer system via the internet.

Torrents 8

The BitTorrent downloads are the same as the above direct downloads but it is more professional, faster, and error-resistant. You can use Transmission program on Ubuntu (built-in), Windows, or MacOS to download them.


Below is SHA512SUM values of original Mageia 8 image files.

eff7a53eece27b5859ed4a146da239b679beee5994765658f3fd4cc38aac6c9b3fd2f0eb7260f35828606890e928eaa7b162880061d3d3c6b756877bb6be9be9  Mageia-8-i586.iso
3f373de571d28287b76503dae1804d11cbba1241edeeadb5f77e9b4bac51301e373b8326792abc74113004688fa20d69e3610c4733a3fc110e4c11154dcbeb73 Mageia-8-x86_64.iso
c5864a86eb40779893e83cffbdca69fbe4a74374ca0c0910773728a948620a9444a0c6399a63e30930f95b37b209ea72b5d9ff6741855b6cc2e211d5f5e6cb6e Mageia-8-Live-GNOME-x86_64.iso
74f3169a77a3d238b8aac87d17cfa00897e911e0e841530139eaed8a9eb57900ec2f1b5d044de323408b108b360df98067cd7857e10df90ff4b17c4c868e91ee Mageia-8-Live-Plasma-x86_64.iso
6f2439290fa3d9750d42b774afa17e9ffe37919c3dfecba8648ea4c5baab06bb1b67bbeaef4ec3105fa5b92886f8999486756fa5684958d520cb24393c45c02e Mageia-8-Live-Xfce-i586.iso
e86b38f21af1011eedbc340a8cf4291f5249a3598b4f3042056575bd9393520de068fd6fdcf5c52aa17f12ada1ce9c7b20831624fc6b017aed0df15857da71c3 Mageia-8-Live-Xfce-x86_64.iso

Happy downloading!


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