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Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 21:59

Portable apps make GNU/Linux computer easier to users. Do you know AppImages? They are portable applications you can download officially and run on your GNU/Linux computers. Lately, I found more prestigious Free Software apps proudly made available as AppImages for example Enve2D (animation), Digikam (photography), Zulip (communication), even FlightGear and Red Eclipse (games) among others as mentioned below. Now let's see and quickly get them all!

 (Big software such as FlightGear game is now in AppImage | Image source)

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For whom this is?

For everyone using GNU/Linux computer with whatever choice of distros who wants to run an app quickly like in Microsoft or Apple computers.

How To Play

Double click an AppImage file after making it executable. See here for a guide.



Everyone should have a password manager so they does not need to remember many accounts. KeePassXC is the exact reality of that, it helps you save your usernames, passwords, emails, bank accounts, etc. with a key password only you know. Fortunately, now it is AppImage, you can download and run it instantly.

Communication & File Sharing

Session | Zulip | RetroShare | StatusIM

Good news comes from communication front! Aside from more new instant messengers coming, now they can be downloaded as AppImages as well, so you can run then easily or help test quickly on multiple distros. No other portable solutions (Flatpak, Snap) can be as fast as AppImage for testing! Among them are Session (the no metadata), Zulip (the email-like collaboration), RetroShare (the peer to peer), and StatusIM (the cryptocurrency stylish) messengers.


Digikam | RawtherapeeEnve2D

Good news comes again and again from Graphics front. Now Digikam (photo manager & processing like Lightroom), Rawtherapee (raw photo processing), and Enve (2D animation maker) can be downloaded as AppImages for your GNU and Linux computers.

 (A pretty sight of Rawtherapee the darkroom photo tool | Image source)

Video Production

Kdenlive | Cinelerra | Olive | OpenShot

The hidden treasure, Cinelerra (GG version), is alive alongside Kdenlive and the new challenger Olive. Cinelerra is the best, most complete, professional video editor for GNU/Linux although not many people know it while Kdenlive is a more popular, user friendly alternative to it and Olive is still a new thing. The good news is that we can download and use them as AppImages now.



Enjoy YouTube freely from your desktop, that is FreeTube purpose. This means you are free from nonfree JavaScript and also privacy surveillance -- e.g. no login activities recorded. 


Want to make a USB bootable? Use Etcher. Now it can be downloaded and run instantly.


FlightGear | OpenRA | Red Eclipse

Awesome news comes from gaming front! Now the piloting aircraft simulator FlightGear, the Red Alert-like strategy OpenRA, and the multiplayer first-person shooting Red Eclipse are available as AppImages too like any other ones mentioned above. This means just download and play like the old times!

Earlier Applications

So we will not forget, there were several important Free Software apps which already in AppImages officially before these above. They are:

- our office suite LibreOffice

- the illustrator Inkscape

- the painter Krita

- the gif screencaster Peek

Interesting Links

Finally, to close this article you can learn & benefir more from AppImages by seeing these interesting links:

- the new AppImageHub.

AppImageHub - curated list of AppImages you can download. Think of this like Softpedia or Majorgeeks but for GNU/Linux instead.

The AppImage Project - the source of this magic. Thank you very much Probono for inventing it.

Let's be productive!

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